Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Rest In Cliff Notes...

The meeting of Dad and The Boyfriend...

I wish there was some drama, some tension or interesting tidbit about their meeting that I could write about but there isn't. They liked each other immediately.

It was easy, a quick handshake that turned into a hug (The Boyfriend suppressed his inner Frenchness and avoided the double cheek kiss, even though I could tell he was about to lean into it) and you could see they were buddies.

Maybe they felt an instant connection because they both love me (loving me isn't always easy, sometimes it's like cuddling a porcupine), some sort of mutual understanding of the daily strife of being a man in my life bonding them. Or perhaps they were scared of my wrath if they didn't get along.

Either way, it was all very easy and stress free. The Boyfriend had bought Dad a French soccer jersey and he seemed to love it. They drank beer and watched college basketball. Woopdidoo.

And now for the cliff notes of the rest of our trip (It's Easter and I've got chocolate bunnies to eat and a puppy to dye pink - joking... about the bunnies, I'm not really a chocolate person. If it was a cheese bunny, then OK).

Moving on...

We borrowed my Step Mom's mini van and headed to New York for two days to see some friends. I can't remember why but the mini van (which The Boyfriend drove like he's a mini van driver, you know what I'm saying? ) was christened 'the Disco Van'. For the whole week it was only referred to as, Disco Van. And since our return, The Boyfriend walks around dazed at times mumbling, "Have you seen my Disco Van?" He really liked it. So much so that on a sunny afternoon, we cruised down Main St in Great Barrington, windows down, singing 'Ladies Night' at the top of our lungs. The Boyfriend loves 'The Funk' (for the record, I never say, 'The Funk', he does.)

We drove to New York and the GPS took us off the Taconic Parkway through back country roads passing signs commemorating Revolutionary War skirmishes. This is funny... You know how I'm always going on about how creepy Le Petit Village is being a medieval village built on top of a Roman trading town? Well The Boyfriend who has no problem with this was completely creeped out by the Colonial vibe of western Mass and upstate New York. He kept waiting to see some musket carrying red coat or a tomahawk wielding Daniel Day Lewis jump out behind the trees. I just laughed at him and called him a big girl. Because he is.

random colonial cemetery

In New York, we caught up with friends, and visited all my early teen haunts. Where to go for lunch... the Diner.. duh. Many a high school evening was spent passing time in a diner, four girls picking at one plate of disco fries (possibly the inspiration of the Disco Van) with unlimited coffee refills (didn't do much sleeping in high school).

Two trips to the diner; disco fries, clam strips, and Bloody Marys. Move over Wheaties, there's a new champion in town.

Dunkin Donuts, large ice coffees, bottles and bottles of Fifty Cent's Vitamin water (he is Fifty's namesake after all) to rehydrate after too many martini, wine and four hour sleep nights (the stuff works I'm telling ya). And of course, Starbucks. The trip was basically about mass consumption of liquids. Somebody had to pee real bad at all times.

morning skinny jeans stretch and my vitamin water

Shopping; buying too many books at Barnes and Nobles (not smart, damn heavy in the luggage), chasing down all the OXO Pop Grip containers at Kohls, a tour de Walmart, and laughing at The Boyfriend being in genuine aw of everything he encountered; low prices, nice shop assistants, smiling people.

Big Sis is an Acupuncturist so we got to torture The Boyfriend and stick needles in him. This was definitely a trip highlight.

Check out his face in the first pic. She's not even sticking a needle in him yet. Such a girl.

Shameless plug time... if you ever find yourself in Eastern NY or Western Massachusetts, stop into Steady Hands Acupuncture and have some needles stuck into you. Just tell them Sara Louise sent you.

Discovering one of the greatest candy shops ever, and watching The Boyfriend buy my friend's little boy everything he pointed at. The Boyfriend's biological clock is thumping.

I don't know where that hat came from. He wasn't wearing it when we walked into the shop.

That's pretty much it. Lots of eating, shopping, and laughing with friends.

But for some reason, it feels like I'm forgetting something...

Oh well, If I remember, I'll be sure to let you know.


P.S. I'm not dying Fifty pink. The Boyfriend would kill me. Even if he is a big girl.


  1. Hahaha. My husband does the same thing in the States. He's not sure if he should kiss people, but kind of leans in to see if they'll be prepared for it and then ends up shaking everyone's hand instead.

    Have a good Easter weekend!

  2. What a great trip. Thank you so much for sharing it. The boyfriend looks like a cool guy, big girl not so much!

  3. Girlie I swear you and I are cut from the same, savory loving, wine drinking, fried food lovin', martini slurping, Dunkin Donuts iced coffee craving cloth. Dude, my cousin/boss even has a mini van and I call it The Kemner Party Van...not the same but pretty damn close!

    The trip sounds fantastic and from this day forward I will be calling it, "The Funk" I think that's bad ass. Thanks for sharing and I know I for one will be waiting to hear more should you think of something you left out....

  4. Sounds like you guys had loads of fun!

  5. Loved this! Sounds like you had a fantastic time and I'm glad they instantly liked one another, those things can be hard and even though the drama would have been nice to write about actually having to go through that wouldn't have felt the same lol.

  6. Disco van- Funny, funny stuff. You should get the Boyfriend a picture of it so he'll have it with him always.

    The Boyfriend being weirded out by the colonial vibe fun. The thought of Daniel Day Lewis jumping out- ohhhhh yum.

    Glad he got along so well with everyone. How is he doing getting over the bigness of everything and the sticker shock?

    Happy Easter Sara Louise!

  7. I absolutely love Boyfriend's face in the first picture. Amazing. Priceless.

    I'm glad you had fun on your trip to the states. For me, vacations are all about laughing, drinking and eating. I always try to build in an extra day at home before resuming the 9-5, because I need a day to catch up on sleep. There just seems like there's always much better things to do on a vacation than waste time sleeping, right?

  8. I think this was one of your funniest entries ever!!

  9. Oh that was fun, I feel like I went on a fun trip myself. I wanna go to the candy shop with you and the boyfriend, though I don't think I'd be quite as cute in that hat. Um, also, hilarious that he is afraid of our historical cemeteries given the complete scariness of Le Petit Village! Our ghosts are only a couple hundred years old. Sounds like a great trip and maybe even you got your fill of Starbucks?

  10. Hi Sara Louise, sounds like you had a fabulous trip, Love the expression on your boyfriends face, what a big girls blouse!

  11. I love that the Boyfirend looks like he's on a a more serious sugar rush than the little boy. Sounds like an excellent trip home.

  12. Love it all. Question, where did the hat go? That actually happens to our Lab when we take her shopping, people put hats on her I mean, they don't buy her candy, dammit.

    But there's more, no? I know you forgot some juicy little detail that will make me laugh out loud again! Pleeeeze?

  13. Where is that damn Disco Van? :)


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