Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm It

The adorable Morgane at One + One = A French Way of Life has tagged moi in a game of blogger tag.
In bloggy blog world, getting tagged and being it, means that you have to answer a few questions before tagging someone else. Seems easy enough.

In my best 'Wink Martindale' voice, let's play blogger tag...

1. Who is your style icon?
I have to go back to American roots on this one and say Summer from The OC, Miss Rachel Bilson.

This is exactly how I look when I walk Fifty.

2. What is your favorite Socialite Lit book?
Honestly, I'm not sure what Socialite Lit is (Morgane, are you sure you tagged the right girl?) so I googled it and didn't come up with much. No definition and only one example; Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes, and unfortunately, I have yet to read this Pulitzer Prize nominee. (Joking. I'm sure it's a very entertaining read, and in the interest of full disclosure, I have read all of Candace Bushnell and currently have a Barbara Taylor Bradford in a pile of books waiting to be read so I can't judge).
I'm going to go out on a limb and say, The Man With the Dancing Eyes.

I'm not sure if it meets the Socialite Lit requirements and I may be in danger of disqualification but it was written by Sophie Dahl who I'm guessing is a socialite if being Roald Dahl's granddaughter and Mick Jagger's ex makes you one.

3. Favorite Party Theme?
Is free booze a theme? Probably not, but if I could throw a party right now I'd go with Texas. And I'll get more specific, Dallas, the show, not the city; 80's style, big hair, big shoulders, and big drinks. I'd go as Sue Ellen and spend the whole night hunting down a Pamela just so I could throw my drink in her face.

4. Go to Halloween costume?
Since I'm no longer in elementary school, I don't have one. But, I do have my costume picked out for this year already (maybe I am still in elementary school); French rugby player, Dimitri Szarzewski.

He's so pretty and his hair always looks perfect, The Husband and I call him, L'Oréal. Dimitri is the Hooker for the French team. Sounds naughty doesn't it?

I had briefly considered going as Chabal, but I don't want to mess around with the whole beard thing.

Love me some Chabal

5. Extravagance you can't live without?
I've become a tad less high maintenance as I've gotten older (I can hear the laughter from all who know me) and the only thing I really need is one great restaurant a month.

6. Living person you admire?
Christiane Amanpour.

She's a brainy broad

7. Greatest fear?
Not being prepared. And this goes for everything; not being prepared for the grocery store, travel, the future...

8. Trait you deplore in yourself?
Raging PMS (aka as PMT in Great Britain and Ireland).
'Watch out world I'm going to cry. Now I'm going to yell at you. Now I'm going to cry some more while I nag, nag, and nag some more. I need cuddles. Can someone hug me?' I'm surprised The Husband and Fifty don't check into a hotel each month.
Oh, and I don't like that I can never live in the moment. Having to feel prepared all the time means I rarely relax and just go with the flow. I'd love to be one of those flowy people.

9. Which talent would you most like to have?
It's not a talent as much as a trait, selflessness. I think more selfless people is a good thing.

10. Greatest achievement?
Being good friends with my mother. It's true. She's my wine travel buddy.

Wow. That took forever. Hope everyone is still with me.

Now I tag...
(I'm going to be naughty and tag three because I haven't had enough coffee to make a decision)

James at Man of the 50's

Worthy at Worthy Style

I'm Out.



  1. Thanks for tagging me, I'll do my best. I was very impressed you admire Ms Amanpour. Oh and yes "free booze" is definitely a party theme!

  2. Haha you did so well!!! I love your Halloween costume and your style is awesome!!!! Your fear is just like mine as well never being prepared, late, and rejection... Eek!!

  3. Bonjour Sara Louise,
    Loved reading your list, always entertaining. I agree with James, Christiane Amanpour is a good choice.
    And yes, it is so good to have Spring back in France. You had a cold winter even in Provence. Enough of all those cumbersome winter coats...
    Bonne journée, (hey my French is improving ha ha! How are you doing with that? The other day I forgot how to ask for two lousy slices of ham - stood there like an American dope while a growing line of French citizens were looking on in amazement. C'est la vie!

  4. Sara Louise, those were great answers. Can't wait to read your nominees.

  5. Loved all your choices , but Christine Amonpour is a phony

  6. James - can't wait to see your answers, and I already know who your style icon is! :-)

    Jen - Yeah, I can't wait until Halloween. I just need to put on like 100lb of muscle first!

    Mimi - Ugh! I hate when the translation part of my brain stops working exactly when I need it most. Unfortunately it happens to me more times than I care to admit. I get nervous and then... poof! all my words are gone.

    Dedene - Merci and love your new pic :-)

    Rui - Christiane is a phoney huh? So I'm guessing you know her? How very cool and lucky for you.

  7. Great answers there girlie! I was holding my breath as I read who you tagged, "Not me, please not me" racing through my head. Thank you for taking pity on me dear girl, not sure I could answer any of those and dude, my boys over on my blog would harpoon me. Cannot wait to see what the others come up with!

  8. I wanna come to your party and shoot JR.

  9. Loooove the list! Number 10 is super important and often overlooked!

  10. Samantha - I have something else lined up for you... hee hee... patience...

    Jen - FUN!

    Jessica - Completely agree, thanks :-)

  11. Umm I had some good comments running in my head... then I saw L'Oreal and now I can't think of anything deep, just...ohhhhhh purdy.

  12. mmm, Chabal is weirdly enticing in a cave-man/primal way isn't he?

    I remember seeing all the posters for the perfume advertisement he did last year around the place, and at first I thought they were a joke. But no.

    He isn't the first picture that comes to mind when you think of "attractive French male" though is he? It's more like Gilles Marini oui??

    But there is something ... maybe it's the beard, how very Samson-esque...

  13. Hi Sara Louise, thanks for your comment on my blog, it's weird and wonderful and a lovely surprise when people seem to find me out of nowhere... Your list made me laugh and Free Booze is a good one. I can't believe you're so lucky to live in Provence....sigh.... A bientôt & Love from London, Carole x

  14. It's a great post! I like it.
    Have a nice weekend!

  15. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I was glancing at your posts, and I love that you are so proud of your vacuum (vacuuming is my favorite chore)! And yes, I did finish my cottage cheese and oranges. :-)

  16. I think I am going to have to get on this since it's vendredi

  17. Nice list. Liked all of it. Now I will go explore these people who are new to me.

  18. Your responses made me laughing so hard ! I recognize a lot of me in you ( not well spelled huh?) : the socialite lit is unknown for me , I love The L'oréal hair of "chouchou" ( nickname of sarzewski in my house) ! Dallas party theme must be a must ! ( i'm Sue Ellen pleaaaaaaaaaase) or.... JR) ! and i'm transforming myself in a "loup-garrou" once in a month ...
    Thanks for this post , you did so well ; I'm glad...


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