Friday, April 30, 2010


This flashcard could save your life

When I first moved here, I was pretty motivated with my French lessons. I studied a couple of hours every morning and would always have on the television in the background while I went about my day (By the way, 7th Heaven in French is just as annoying, and Spencer Pratt even more so if that is humanly possible).

Then we got Fifty, and my French study schedule got a bit off. My determination to house train Fifty took up most of my time and left me pretty exhausted (once I was so tired, I was getting in the shower and instead of throwing my panties in the hamper, I threw them in the toilet. True story).

So French lessons took a back seat to Fifty's ability to not leave little presents in the house.

And more excuses...

And then we went to Dublin in January.

And my birthday was in February (aka International Day of Awesomeness)

And then we went to the States in March, and oh, got married.

So as you can see, there have been plenty of excuses for me not to study my French everyday. Besides, I live here. Basically everyday life is one big annoying French lesson.

In order for me to get back on track, I've gone back to my old faithful; studying like a fourth grader. It's the way I learn.

Writing things down helps me commit things to memory. Plus, flashcards are more fun (yes flashcards are fun, stop laughing at me) then studying some text book.

I first started using them to study French back in Dublin and I had a buttload of them (buttload - I have no idea what made me type that word, I don't think I've used it for like twenty years, but now it's out there and I've typed this, so I'm leaving it).

Anyhoo, I had a buttload of flashcards when I lived in Dublin, probably close to a thousand. And I'd study them on the bus on the way to work in the morning and on the way home

Sidebar - last summer when I was visiting Le Petit Village, I was having ice cream with V. She asked me how I studied French (we were speaking bits of French and bits of English so the conversation was slow, odd, and utterly confusing). I told her that I made flashcards every night and then would study them on the bus on the way to work. What she got out of this conversation was that I drove a bus for work.

Flashcards work for me. It's the easiest way for me to learn vocabulary and actually have it stick in my wee brain. The Husband likes to point at random things when we're out and about and I'll use my flashcard learned French words (it's like a non-stop pop quiz around here, my inner Lisa Simpson is elated).

So I've gone back to the flashcards.

And it's Fifty's fault I'm not fluent in French yet.

That's all I wanted to say.



  1. Dude.
    If you want to learn french,
    only speak french with The Husband.

    Then...make sure to have fights
    in french with The Husband.

    It is the fighting that speeds along
    the "learning french" business.

    for real.

    It may be hardcore.
    But I am telling you.
    From personal experience.
    That by having to defend and explain
    yourself while your heart is
    beating a triplet pattern in your chest...

    you learn french quick.

    Do you tell him that you love him
    in English or French? And visa versa?


  2. I like the card you selected to show! Are you trying to get on their good side, because you may be wasting your time. I don't believe Zombie Nazi Ghost have one.

  3. You writing is fun! I love your sense of humor. We visited Paris a few years ago and in preparation I got the learn French tapes and listened to them nonstop thinking I was doing really well. Once I got over there I could not utter a single word or understand what the heck anyone was saying. Thank goodness for my son who takes French in school and is a better student than I, he got us around in the subway! xo

  4. I would really like to know more about that flashcard above. ;)

  5. If you were here , i 'll take you to my favourite pub and learn you french ! Talking about life in real is the best way to learn a foreign langage but flash cards are cute too!

  6. Yes, total immersion is the way to go. I had to duke it out with my mother-in-law when we first arrived, and she fo sho wasn't up to learning any english. Nice flash cards...I started with the kid's first grade grammar book. lol

  7. I envy you, I have like zero retention with flashcards. Flash, say it, put it down....gone. Good luck with the learnin' there lady.

  8. Whatever works. For me, I learn best via song. Which is a buttload more annoying than flashcards.

  9. ROFL the buttload thing- sorry that was just funny. I haven't used flashcards, which makes NO sense because I too learn better when I write things down. I think you've inspired me! Merci!

    Bonne chance!

  10. "Basically everyday life is one big annoying French lesson." lol'd at that one, totally get it. I keep the radio playing in the background sometimes, less annoying than the tv. Bonne chance!

  11. another gold star next to your name, you just got a beeg laugh out of me and i'm so tired i can barely see to type. i've worked 15 years with bolivians and my vocabulary is probably about 40 words. but i can string together enuf spanish to get a laugh out of them. keep it up with the studies tho' wait till they find out how damn amusing you are.

  12. Flash cards helped get me through college. I worked for a French company for 18 months, in all of that time I learned zero and retained zero. Shoulda made flashcards!

  13. Good luck with those....that sounds very impressive, xv.

  14. WHy do I feel sure that 7th Heaven would have to be better if I couldn't understand it?;-)


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