Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bad Moon Rising

Conversation between The Husband and I last night...

The Husband, leaning over me, "You are in a bad moon?"

Moi, looking up from my book, "A what?"

"A bad moon"

"What the hell is a bad moon?"

"You are not happy?"

I had been feeling a little bit blah, but after that how could I be?

Bad moon.




  1. Awww, newlyweds. I'd pinch both you guys' cheeks if I could.

  2. Gotta love the little things lost in translation. =) So cute!

  3. It's true, we are pretty freaking cute

  4. That made me laugh! Goodness I need to laugh more and that was just too must just give a lot of giggles and hugs to your hubby! Thank you for that story....thank you!

  5. Hee hee! This is funny! This is the best part about two cultures hooking up--the laughs when we mess up the languages! It's hard to stay mad when your husband is angrily telling you things that don't make sense, right? lol

  6. Very cute ! DO you know " je suis dans la lune" when you're dreaming awake?

  7. Oh that is too cute, mind you the French take the moon very seriously, as well they should,so maybe your dearly beloved was not that far of the mark! Perhaps you were feeling a little bit lunar

  8. Tu a été mal luné? Silly boyfriend, the translation doesn't work.

  9. Ellen -happy to make you laugh :-)

    Tammy - I'm sure you've loads of stories just like this! Oh, the joys of being lost in translation x

    Morgane - never heard of that one, but I'm definitely going to look into it ;-)

    Dash - Me feeling lunar is very likely x

    Dedene - Actually I'm the silly one, we speak English and he always has little slips like this (moon instead of mood), but his English is still so much better than my French! When he tells me he's fluent in English, I tell him he's fluent in his own special language! The laughter never stops :-)

  10. One of my favorite translation moments was when I was sitting with a French winemaker. He spun the wine in the glass, took a deep sniff, looked at me and said, "It smells like cock" this day I have no idea what he was trying to say. I swear I lost it and would continue to lose it for days after just thinking about it.

  11. That is adorable!!! Those are the moments you fall in love even more!

  12. LOL! I love silly comments that make us laugh outloud after being in a "bad moon". Great pic of your bad mood...I mean moon ;)

  13. @Samantha Dugan: perhaps it was a very poor wine and it smelled like rooster?
    coq = cock?

    Ah, honeymoon bliss... there's nothing else like it.


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