Wednesday, February 24, 2010


"I'm so much in trouble with you".

This is what The Boyfriend says.

What he means to say is, "You're in so much trouble."

But no matter how many times I correct him, he still says it wrong. And I prefer it that way. It's funnier to hear him chastise himself, saves me from doing it.

My response is always the same, "Yes, you are in trouble." At this point he remembers the English lesson from last time, and peddles back to change it, but it doesn't matter, I've usually walked out of the room by then, laughing to myself on the way.

The day he gets it right (or when my French is fluent) will be a sad one.

It's much more fun this way.



  1. And now, I have the Ray LaMontagne song "Trouble" stuck in my head. :)

  2. I can't hear that song without thinking about that show Alias, it was always on it. And now they're both stuck in my head

  3. i'm like your boyfriend ! and always make mistakes : if only i can stop translate in french before writing or speaking ! vive les langues étrangères !

  4. That is just too cute. :) Hopefully he also sees the humor in it.

  5. Yeah, I'm in the cute-as-hell camp too. Hope he never fixes it.

  6. I will have to jump on the adorable bandwagon.

    But on a semi-related note, how is your French coming along? Are you just picking it up as you go? Cause I have a friend that swears by Rosetta Stone.

  7. Bonjour Sara,
    Loved this post? My French honey says these kind of things and I never correct him either, I just melt when I hear it. Of course he keeps telling me to correct his grammar...
    I'm an American expat in Paris - like you I came for love. I was sure I became a follower awhile ago but I see I didn't - oops. I'll do that now and be back to hear more of your adventures.

  8. That's so cute! I love the little mistakes Matteo makes too. He keeps calling his wallet a parcel and the kitchen often becomes the chicken!

  9. Morgane - I love his little mistakes! He makes little mistakes in English, I make BIG mistakes in French =)

    Tiny Elvis - he does, we laugh a lot

    Samantha - at this point, I think the weird French/English hybrid that we speak in our house, is here to stay. If we have kids someday, we'll probably need to fix it

    Lori - French is coming along ok. I understand more than I can speak, but I think a lot of that is because I get all shy and nervous

    Bonjour Romance - thanks for coming back by, I love your blog, it's always so dreamy =)

    Sarah Elizabeth - the chicken!! I love that! 'Excuse me while I step into the chicken to make some coffee'. Priceless!

  10. It's kind of like a romantic declaration.

  11. if everyone could just start out presenting their annoyances this way, the whole world would be such a better place. so cute.


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