Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Birthday Weekend Part 1

I like to stretch out my birthday as long as possible, and have a birthweek because it only comes once a year (except once, I did have a 30.5 birthday party in August). So since it's still my birthweek, I've decided to tell you about my weekend in two parts to help stretch it out.

Day two of my birthweek (Friday) I made Philly Cheese Steaks for dinner and went to Boyfriend's Brother's house to see the four week old puppy, Mika (named after the chocolate not the singer). This brings the number of dogs he has to four, oh wait oops, another puppy was born on Sunday, so five now, five dogs for Boyfriend's Brother. Lunatic.

Mika the jack russell is teeny tiny, black all over with a little tan snout, and paws, and two tan patches over her eyes that make her look like a bandit, just like her older brother Leo. She has this funny sideways waddle slide walk she does. And when she gets scared, she backs up like she's moon walking. (Holy Madonna! Maybe she's MJ reincarnated?! Now wouldn't that be amazing?).

OK Friday night wasn't all that exciting but I wanted to share the easy Philly Cheese Steak recipe with you and tell you that the reincarnation of MJ is living right here in Le Petit Village. Spread the word.

If any of you are rugby fans you know that the Six Nations kicked off on Birthweek Day 3 (Saturday). The Boyfriend and I are all about the rugby.

Plans for Saturday; watch Ireland vs Italy followed by England vs Wales, all the while relaxing and slowly getting ready to go out for my birthweek dinner party. This means giving myself a manicure while throwing back Heinekens, shouting at the television, with huge velcro rollers in my hair. Quite a sight I assure you. I made one simple request to The Boyfriend, no visitors. It's my birthweek after all and I reserve the right to sit in my huge velcro rollers and shout abuse at the television in peace.

Naturally, about twenty minutes into the Ireland match The Boyfriend takes a phone call and lets me know that his friend G is on his way over.

Whenever a 'miscommunication' like this occurs, The Boyfriend blames it on my lack of French and his lack of English. I blame it on his lack of estrogen and abundance of testosterone.

I huffed and puffed and stomped upstairs to remove the rollers so I didn't look like some deranged housewife. Good thing because since G's car was outside for all of Le Petit Village to see, Honey Jr came over followed by M and her fiance. Happy camper I was not as I scrambled around delivering beers, and refilling snack bowls.

Somehow between rooting for Wales to beat England (they didn't) and playing barmaid, I managed to get ready, looking pretty swish I might add in these..

8pm rolled around and with the addition of Boyfriend's Brother and his girlfriend (OMG, who was watching little MJ???), we headed to a Chinese restaurant in Apt. I love Chinese food and am happy to have found this place because The Boyfriend took me to a Chinese restaurant in Manosque once, and it was so bad, I swear I was being punished for something.

(Bonus of dining Chinese style with The Boyfriend; watching his less than skilled use of chopsticks. Never wanting to surrender and use a fork, he usually ends up spearing the food or using his fingers, and of course, getting food everywhere. Priceless.)

We ate ate and ate and had plenty of these...

Followed by some sake.

And this is very naughty.

Apparently all the Chinese restaurants here have these little sake glasses with a naughty surprise at the bottom, naked people, and I mean nekkid! Like full on, full frontal nudity naked. I'd show you a photo (of course I took one, all the beer and sake meant any embarrassment went bye bye and maybe one found it's way into my purse too... shhh) but Le Petit Village is a PG-13 kind of place, so no photo for you.

But can you believe it?

Naked people at the bottom of your sake glass.

A very happy birthweek to me.


Next... Part 2


  1. Nekkidness and sake just seems to make sense to me. I'd love to see these glasses. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Week! Cute shoes!!!! Nekkid on the bottom of the sake glasses!? A site to see I'm sure!!!

    I hate miscommunication!! No one likes to be a barmaid, especially during their brithday week... big no no.

  3. Watching French people use chopsticks simply cracks me up. The first time I saw it was when a older French couple took a group of us to a new sushi joint in their tiny town in Provence. They had never been, never had sushi ever and it took all I had not to burst out laughing ...first when the server brought us bread, (so French) and second when this little couple tried the, "Green stuff"...poor things.

    Last November I was treated to dinner with a big group of French winemakers, we took them to Pho...dude, dood...I snickered throughout dinner. It was so cute to watch, one stick in each hand as they would hold a knife and fork, trying to capture those slippery noodles. They all figured it out after a bit and ended up doing better than I, I always end up with broth sprinkles on the front of my shirt.

    Thanks for bringing back those memories..made me giggle this morning! And thanks for streching out the story, can't wait to read more.

  4. That was so funny! I can see you stomping up those stairs to take the hair out of the curlers...talking under your breath? But you did zip it up with the man killer stilettos! So your birthday became a party and that is wild with the Sake cups with the surprise at the bottom!!! I have never heard of that and I think I would have had to bring one home as well...just because you could serve someone Sake at home to an unsuspected friend...that would be so fun....

  5. Laughing out loud. I have some of those huge velcro things, and I know just how you look and feel. Great shoes, too.

    Happy Birthday!

  6. hmmm...miscommunication never goes away, sorry to tell you. I've got 15 years of deranged communication under my belt. You should have kept the damn rollers in!! (and the stilettos on!)

  7. Oh, and by the way, I absolutely love the shoes!

  8. I'm back. Those shoes are reminding me of an exact same pair that I have...are those from Fornarina??

  9. Nice B-day week! Mine is coming up in March and the boyfriend and I will be spending it in Orlando at Disney World! We were originally going to go to Ireland but I figured taking a leave of absence from work wasn't worth a 10 day trip..if I am going to take a leave a of absence then I am going to Europe for like 6 weeks. We decided we would do that for a honeymoon when we get married. Which we have both decided it is more "when" then "if".

    I am glad you had so much fun! and LOVE the shoes!

  10. bonne fette!! and hot your shoes!

  11. Tiny Elvis - if you email me your address, I'll email you a pic of the glasses ;-)

    Jen- Miscommunication is the bane of my existence. The Boyfriend's favorite phrase "I don't understand you sometimes". But of course I only find this out after the fact, like way way after

    Samantha - I've also had the please of sushi dining with the French, in Dublin of all places, it is very entertaining

    Ellen - you've got me pegged, I was totally mumbling all sorts of joyous words under my breath while stomping

    Vivianne - the huge rollers have saved me from a bad haircut. If I take the time to use them, instant great hair, couldn't live without them. Of course I look like an alien, but that's the price we pay =)

    Tammy - shoes are from Penneys in Dublin. I love love love them. Every time I wear them I get a look from you know who, but don't care, they are may favorite and surprisingly go with everything

    Bonnie - smart move on the waiting to go to Europe when you have more time, no point in coming all the way over and then having to rush it. Enjoy Disney World! It's on my wish list of places to visit =)

    Sol - thanks, hot damn indeed!

  12. Gorgeous shoes ! Did they appreciate them in the little village ??
    You make me laugh

  13. So how does American Chinese food compare to French Chinese food? Aw, man, now you've got me craving Chicken Lo Mein something fierce.

  14. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that likes to spread out my birthday. If enough people postpone celebrating with me I can eke out 3 or 4 really good celebrations. I personally think we all need to adopt a more ancient mindset and turn everything into a feast that lasts a week minimum.


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