Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Deep Thoughts... With Fifty

Why won't that crazy schedule lady just leave me alone? Really, can't I just have five minutes of peace. I bet when I turn around she'll be standing there staring at me...

Yep. Of course she is.

Is it really necessary for me to be bilingual? Just pick a language and go with it. I'm confused enough already.

Vicky or Leah, Leah or Vicky? So hard to decide. Leah is cute and a lot of fun, but Vicky has that whole sexy cougar thing going on...

Why am I named after a rapper? I don't even like rap.

And what the hell is happening at NBC?

À bientôt



  1. Hey, you have Boxer. We've got one too. 4 1/2. She's outside right now re-arranging the yard.

  2. I enjoyed that very much. Great photos of the dogs.And what is going on at NBC!

  3. Homemaker Man - No, the Boxer, Vicky, belongs to our neighbor, but she comes for a walk with us ever morning. Sweetest dog, just not terribly bright

    James - Merci!

  4. What would life be like without a poochie, love, love dogs!

  5. hilariously cute post! and your rapper named-pooch is so cute!!! I miss my black-lab mutt, Harley!

  6. OMG, I just wanna hug Fifty. He is so adorable and he could pass for a rapper. I think!


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