Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Date Night

Last weekend my date night dinner was cancelled because the restaurant decided to close for no reason, and this past Saturday, Monsieur Snowman and his buckets of snow ruined another night out.

I refused to let staying in ruin our long overdue date night. But we'd have to settle for old reliable, Saturday night dinner and a DVD.

Feeling bad that we haven't been out to dinner in ages, The Boyfriend offered to cook, God love him, but date night was not the time for him to learn. Although that does give me an idea for another night; cooking lessons with Sara Louise. That has disaster written all over it.

I cooked steak with blue cheese sauce, pomme frites, and baked parmesan tomatoes. Not to toot toot my horn, but it came out really well, restaurant style even. I'd show you a picture but I have zero food photography skills. You'll just have to believe me when I say it was G O O D. And so was the bottle of Brouilly we had to go with it.

Dinner conversation became, what DVD should we watch? That same old struggle of man and woman over DVD.

He's seen most of my DVD collection that moved over with me. It's down to a few that he is determined he won't like. The Boyfriend has a classic case of judging a book by it's cover. He thinks he knows if he is going to like the movie or not by the picture on the cover. Case in point, never having heard of Johnny Cash, he didn't want to watch Walk The Line because he thought it was purely a romance and according to him, The Boyfriend doesn't do romance (this coming from a boy who loved The Notebook).

(Funny story about movies, me and The Boyfriend - we were going to the cinema around Christmas last year and trying to decide what movie to see. Twilight was out and I wanted to see that. The Boyfriend wanted to see Transporter 3. I told him I couldn't because I hadn't seen Transporter 1 or 2. It worked. True story. God love him.)

Back to our dinner and DVD date night...

Looking through the collection, he pulled out a few; Good Will Hunting, Heat, and 50 First Dates.

I pulled out The Breakfast Club. Being a child of the Brat Pack era (child, not teenager), it's one of my all time favorites and I've been wanting The Boyfriend to see it forever. But judging by the cover, The Boyfriend determined that the movie was 1. a love story (???) and 2. old (if he thinks that's old than I hate to think what he thinks about me).

I begged and pleaded and promised that he would love it and reminded him that I've never steered him wrong before (hello.... The Notebook!).

He finally relented, because he's good like that. And we moved to the couch for a little of this...

Image: Google

And a little more of this...

Image: Google

I knew he liked it when he wanted to know if I was more like Molly Ringwald or Ally Sheedy. He looked a little disappointed when I told him I was a mixture of both.

All in all a pretty good Saturday date night.
Big steak, a bottle of Brouilly, and The Breakfast Club.


P.S. I'm going to be in so much trouble for telling you about The Notebook


  1. At least the answer wasn't "actually, I'm most like Judd Nelson . . ."

  2. The notebook is a favorite of mine,It's a great movie to watch together. Dinner sounded wonderful. If you don't mind I'd like to follow you and see how your lessons in french go.

  3. Homemaker Man - That was his answer :-0

    James - Wonderful, merci beaucoup

  4. Steak with blue cheese, when done right, is just lovely. I'm suddenly very hungry...

  5. At last your date night! Maybe not out but sometimes those cozy times at home can be just as good or even better. Dinner sounded delicious and the wine....I wonder if we can find it here in CA? Isn't it funny he liked the Notebook but is cautious of other movies? Guys are so unpredictable at times....Perhaps this weekend will be the dinner date out. Hoping the weather improves and the restaurant is open!

  6. Mmm, date night meal sounds yummy. I can't believe I haven't seen The Notebook; it's going on the Netflix list pronto. It's been years since I've seen The Breakfast Club. Good choice!

  7. Oops, I'm an idiot. I just went to add the Notebook to my NF queue, and of course I've seen it. I'm not sure why I feel the need to tell you this...

  8. Ellen - this girl http://sansdosage.blogspot.com/, sells wine in CA so she might be able to tell you. And she's very funny.

    Dreamfarm Girl - thanks for letting me know. You crack me up. Seriously, you do. You're my blog buddy :-)

  9. I'm suddenly in the mood for a nice juicy steak and french fries...yumm-o!!!

    oh and mums the word!

  10. Sara,
    Thanks for the shout out girlie, very kind of you. Was funny when I was reading the comments I was like, "Yeah, steak sounds good but given the choice...hit me with a glass of Beaujolais" love it. Here's my deal with The Notebook, (oh and by the way....just between us, the hubby nearly lost it and asked that I turn it off) while well done, it felt like it was written just to make people cry...being born contrary and all, just refused to do it. Now Bridges, now that shit there worked me.


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