Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some Random Turret, C'est Normal

We went to the vet yesterday, Fifty needed a vaccination. But since Le Petit Village is too tiny to have it's own vet, a trip to Forcalquier was in order.

You may remember that Forcalquier is the lovely market village where I bought mon panier rouge, so I am very fond of this village and have now been thinking about how I can combine vet trips, with shopping at the market trips. One should never pass up an opportunity to multitask. This has me all excited. I'm thinking that Fifty may need monthly checkups.

And on the way to the vet, we happened to pass this turret...

When I asked the Boyfriend what the significance of this turret was, he replied with his usual,

"I don't know, it's normal"

Because passing turrets on the way to the vet is normal when you live in Le Petit Village.

And did I happen to mention who drove us there?

Told you he was smart!


1 comment:

  1. You live in such a cool place. Around here, tacky billboards and car dealerships are normal. *sigh* Don't forget to tell us what great purchases you make at the market next time Fifty needs to see le vet.


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