Friday, October 2, 2009

Learning by Osmosis

I'm a big fan of learning by osmosis. As a method, I'm pretty sure that it has not been approved by any educational bodies, but none the less, I'm it's number one proponent. I figure if I surround myself with French textbooks and dictionaries, French television, and my French boyfriend, it will all just seep in and one day...voila! Je parle Francais! Honestly, it's not going too well so far.



  1. Baby steps, baby steps! Do you now how Mormon missionaries learn languages in six weeks before they go to live in another country for two years? Immersion. Doesn't that sound a little more fancy pants than 'osmosis'? Maybe if you feel a little fancier, you'll pick it up faster.

    Either way, both 'immersion' and 'osmosis' mean 'jump into the deep end of the pool with a heavy coat on'. Brava. You are braver than I.

  2. Would you call yourself fluent now? In reading the post just now about Harry Potter in French, I wondered if you were able to understand the movie in its entirety!

    (Snooping back through old to see where we started in le blogging!)


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